Conversation with a Habit

Conversation with a Habit

Habit (talking):
It’s been a hard day
You’re home to stay
So don’t delay
Smoke a jay

Me (talking):
It’s been a hard day
I’m home to stay
And to my dismay
I’m smoking a jay

Ahh, sweetleaf
What a relief

I succumbed again
Sweetleaf is my bane
With this habit, I have nothing to gain
It’s driving me insane

But I always win
Habits get under your skin

But I want to quit
This skit
That plays out everyday

Say no way
Not if I have my say
Not ever

Me (thinking):
So I must be clever
And endeavor
To fool the habit
Dang nabbit!

© Phil Renaud 2018


Found this poem today in my Columbia magazine. It was written by Knights of Columbus member, war hero, and American poet Joyce Kilmer in 1913. It struck a chord so I thought I would share it. ☺



I think I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her arms to pray

A tree that in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair

Upon whose bosom snow has lain
Who intimately lives with rain

Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree

© Joyce Kilmer 1913
Knights of Columbus member & American Poet



We are writers
Poets and storytellers
Not fighters or blighters
Nor are we cellar dwellers

We try to bring peace and joy
To all who read our writings
To all the girls and boys
We give good tidings

Why then must some people stalk
Us mercilessly
And talk

Does it make them feel cool
To treat another
So cruel

Or is it for the power
To see a fellow human

So why not just read
What we create
Instead of trying to aggravate

We are writers
Poets and storytellers
Not fighters or blighters

© Phil Renaud 2018




When I was starlight
I glowed at night
Beautiful and bright

When I was starlight
People looked up
To see my glorious bright light

When I was starlight
Many wondered
At the sight

Now I am fading starlight
No more quite right
My light has dimmed
I am collapsing
In upon myself
Only to reform
As a black hole
Powerful and forceful

© Phil Renaud 2018




Why did I fall in
Love with you
My sweet baboo

Your eyes
That sparkle like diamonds
They drew me in

Your hair
So fine and blond
I wanted to touch it

Your legs
So long and svelte
Ending in that fantastic fanny

Your body
Oh, your lovely body
I wanted to caress it

But these are physical
Yet they are paradisiacal

The best was your heart
Brimming with love to share

And your soul
Pure and light
Glowing white

And now here
We are
32 years later
Kept together by our creator
And our unending love

I love you today
As much and more
As I did all those
Years ago

You are my hunny bunny
My one and only
My everlasting love
My eternal sweetheart

God blessed me
When I found you

© Phil Renaud 2018

A Bad Day

A Bad Day

Today is going to
Be a rough day
I am a little blue
My mind has gone astray
It is racing a mile
A minute
The thoughts are vile
There is no mute
My depression has taken hold
Of the brain
Made it uncontrolled
Sorta like a runaway train
I try to fight
These thoughts
To ease my plight
But it’s all for noughts

I’ll have to ride out
The negative narrative
In my head

© Phil Renaud 2018