This is an experiment
I’m using my phone
To write a poem
Or should I say dictate a poem
It’s off the top of my head
So it may not be worth
Any bread
But it seems to be working
It’s kind of cool
But does that make me a fool
Using this tool

Copyright Phil Renaud 2018

Dictated to cell phone for MeWe site



Life has been getting me down lately
There have been upheavals
That have affected me greatly
These little life evils

I need to find a peaceful spot
That I can go to
To find my lot
And not be so blue

But why I ask
Do I want to bask
In glory and happiness
Instead of crappiness
When my mantra is “I don’t care”

Is it because Christmas is in the air
Mellowing the feelings of being hopeless
And soulless

Maybe the mantra of “I don’t care”
Is a façade
Making me a fraud
Because I really do care

© Phil Renaud 2018



It was dark
So just for a lark
I wore my skirt
Out for a walk

It did not hurt
And I did not balk
At the thought
That I would be caught

Going outside
In a skirt
Was kinda exciting
And delighting

There were a few wide-eyed
Stares, but I learnt
That most don’t care
What others wear

Photo and poem © Phil Renaud 2018


A Conundrum

A Conundrum

Google was bad
Let the hackers in
G+ user’s data was had
Oh, what a sin
And the users take it on the chin

Now we are divided
Into two sites
Because Google was blind-sided
Now G+ is fading into the night

It’s a conundrum
For us writers
Do we run from G+
Or do we stay
Until the bitter end

Oh, what a sad situation

© Phil Renaud 2018

Masculine Feminity

Masculine Femininity

How do I start? The title kinda says it all but not really.

In case you haven’t guessed already I am a man. And to clarify a straight man. However, in recent times I have discovered a feminine side to myself that I sorts knew existed but not really. It was just deep-seated feelings but nothing more. But all that changed in the last couple of months when these deep-seated feminine urgings asserted themselves.

Let me explain with back story. I am a self-taught yogi. I started doing yoga as a replacement for years of static stretching. I read books, did online research and talked to friends who practiced. I found that the yoga world was mostly occupied by women. But I thought oh well, men and women’s bodies are basically the same, except for a few things. So, if it is good for women it must be good for men also. Anyway, to me at the beginning of my yoga practice, yoga was nothing more than a glorified stretching program. Some of the yoga moves were even the same as the static stretches I had been doing for more than 10 years.

As my practice progressed, I learned more and read more about yoga. One of the main things I found out about yoga was the peace and calmness that yoga fostered. And I began to change, albeit very gradually. I grew and learned more yoga poses. As I continued to expand my yoga knowledge and practice, my attitudes softened. A calmness started growing within me. My views on feminism changed. I realized, as a man, that women were oppressed by men and society in general. And I was appalled by it.

Somewhere along the line I purchased yoga pants/leggings to make my practice more comfortable. And I discovered that women design and make better yoga pants/leggings than men. The fit, finish and vibrant colors of women’s leggings were wonderful. I fell in love with women’s yoga pants/leggings. And I was envious of women – wondering why women had such awesome workout clothing to wear while men’s stuff was drab, uninspired and for the most part fit poorly.

Gradually I started wearing yoga pants outside of my home to run, do errands and just to wear them to feel good about myself. (It is amazing how a piece of clothing can make one feel good.) While running, I got quite a few rude comments, all from men, because I was wearing women’s apparel. I was shocked, to say the least. I experience what women do – rude catcalls from rude piggish men. But that did not deter me. Leggings were so comfortable. I enjoyed wearing them to practice my yoga, go on runs and to wear for everyday life.

One day I decide to go a step further and try a skirt, a long skirt. Holy cow, I was blown away at the beautiful comfort of a long skirt. Going pantless was totally awesome. Still I was kinda leery about wearing skirts. It took awhile to raise my comfort level while wearing a skirt (around my house). When I told my wife about skirts, she was shell shocked and not very happy about it. After all, here was her husband of more than 30 years revealing he had a proclivity to wear women’s skirts. But gradually she grudgingly she accepted that I like wearing skirts. But that came after many explanations about how they were only clothes. Yes, skirts are traditionally women’s wear but men can wear them too if they want. After all how many pieces of men’s wear had women started wearing over the years?
As an added feature of my new-found femininity, I started getting my toenails painted. I had been getting pedicures for quite some time to keep my feet in shape for running. At a recent pedicure, I got my toenails painted (kinda the same color as the paint job) to celebrate our newly renovated house. I loved it. Now I get them painted regularly. It makes my toes look beautiful.

Now you may ask what does all this have to do with femininity? Well in my opinion, in today’s society men, and women for that matter, are expected to keep to certain standards of apparel, depending on their sex. Lately, because of my love of yoga pants, skirts and toenail polish, I have been venturing to the feminine side of my masculinity. And it is beautiful. I am extending the boundaries of what is acceptable for both men and women. I am a pioneer of sorts. (At least I think so.) Does this make me feminine? I cannot say that is for you, the reader to decide.

As far as other womanly things like makeup, frilly undergarments, bras and dresses, I am pretty sure I will not go that far. There are some things not really meant for men. But for yoga pants/leggings and skirts, I am all in. Both are wonderful pieces of clothing that should be shared.

So that’s my story. Laugh if you want. Criticize me if you want. But I am me. I am happy, secure and confident in my feminine masculinity.

Oh, and by the way did I mention that pink is now on of my favourite colors!

© Phil Renaud 2018