Am I A Bad Person

Exploding volcano

Am I A Bad Person

Anger and resentment are the vitriol spewed
At m on a regular basis
Are my actions that bad
That I deserve this vocal hatred?

What have I done?
Maybe the question I asked
Was wrong?
I am not sure

Was I wearing the wrong clothes?
Clothes are inanimate things
What is wrong with mine?
Clothes do not define the person

Do I work differently
Than you?
If so why is that a problem?
As long as the job gets done

Am I a bad person?
Please tell me
I want to know

© Phil Renaud 2018
Disclaimer ~ I make no claim of ownership to this image and always seek to credit the original artist ~

Orange Sunrise


Orange Sunrise

The gentle morning kiss of a rising sun
orange hues licking across bare skin
warmth spreading through to a wakened soul
this new day brings new hopes as eyes open to
The birds soaring overhead
The vibrant colourful foliage
The calmness of a peaceful morning
With the warmth comes contentment
Seeping into the wakened soul

© Karen Hayward & Phil Renaud 2018


My City


My City

Birthplace of Wayne Gretzky
Residence of The Canadian Nation Institute for the Blind
Alexander Graham Bell lived here
Native culture abounds
The telephone was invented here
Fantastic place to live
On the Grand River
Royalty has visited thirteen times
Dang I love my city

© Phil Renaud 2018
© Phil Renaud 2018 All photos